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Himalaya Puppy Questionnaire

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in Tibetan Mastiffs. If you are thinking of acquiring a Tibetan Mastiff puppy from me, that process begins by completing this questionnaire. I would ask that you carefully review my Breeder’s Policy so that you understand the purchase agreement. These questions are intended to give me a basic idea about your situation, your familiarity with the Tibetan Mastiff and your intentions. Please be as complete as you can and feel free to e-mail me separately with any additional information that you think may be helpful. I will respond to every questionnaire. If you do not receive a response it is likely that I did not receive your questionnaire and I would ask that you write me as a follow up. These questions are a starting point for a dialogue between us so we can together determine if a Tibetan Mastiff puppy is right for you and if I am the right breeder for you. Thank you for your time in completing and submitting the questionnaire.

Your Name (Required) and Best time to call

Your Address (Required)

Your City State, Postal Code & Country (Required)

Your Email Address (PLEASE Double Check for Accuracy!!)

Your Phone Number (Required)

What is your expected time frame for adding a puppy to your family?

Do you intend to purchase any other puppy of any breed within the next twelve months?

Do you live in an area where you can safely exercise a large dog?

Is your yard fenced and what height is the fence?

Do you have a veterinarian close by and have they had experience with other large breed dogs?

Name and Contact Information for your veterinarian.

How long have you been using this veterinarian?

Do you have other pets? If so, what are they and how old are they?

What other pets have you or other family members owned or cared for in the last ten years and where are they now?

Would you object to crate training your puppy?

Yes No

Are your pets at liberty in your home or yard in your absence? If not, how long would they be required to be caged or crated on an average day?

Is it your intention to do any special training with your dog? If yes, please explain.

Do you have children living in your home? If so, what are their ages?

Is your entire household aware of your intention to purchase a puppy and are they all enthusiastic about the new addition?

Tibetan Mastiffs can create problems with their barking if not brought inside at night. Can you provide a garage or a place in your home where your dog may sleep at night?

Who takes care of your pets when you are away from home?

Tibetan Mastiffs are very intelligent dogs and they learn habits, both good and bad at a young age. Do you have time to patiently work with this puppy while he is young, knowing that it will take at least two years for early maturation?

Yes No

Will you agree to promptly contact me with any problems either physical or behavioral?

Yes No

Why have you chosen to own a Tibetan Mastiff?

What are your expectations for your puppy as it grows up and are you sure that you will be able to provide a permanent home?

Under what circumstances would you envision yourself giving up a pet?

Will you promise to never sell your puppy to a pet store, pet broker or place your puppy in a shelter?

Yes No

Are you generally aware of the costs associated with the long term care of a large dog?

Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire!

Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs

Susan Ochsenbein


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